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Do you and your partner talk about money regularly? And with no strife?

Yeah, that’s what I thought!

I often see & hear that same reponse from clients that I work with - that they rarely just talk about money with their spouse, let alone have an idea of why each other manages or spends money the way that they do. And what's even more common is that couples rarely have any direction around their hopes, dreams and goals of what their future will look like together.

And this is why I knew I needed to create a workshop specifically for couples. To create an environment where you get to talk to your partner about money, without a fight, and really get to learn more about both your spouse's beliefs about money and your own money beliefs.

The workshop will have a relaxed date night vibe, so snacks & sips (Yes, alcoholic drinks - we’re talking money & marriage people!) will be available to enjoy and set the ‘mood’ for truly connecting with your significant other on a deeper level on one that can make a difference in the success of your marriage.

And we get that money is a very personal & taboo topic (#moneystory), so you will only be obligated to share with the person you came with.

What you will get out of this evening:

~ An understanding of your money beliefs

~ An understanding of your spouse’s money story(s)

~ Create shared financial goals

~ Rules of Thumbs for planning for your retirement, travel, kid's education etc.

~ An evening away from daily stresses to reconnect with each other

Money mindset workshop was fantastic. Thanks so much for making finances less scary, Paula! - Jessy Thomas

Paula is amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge, and super, super down to earth as well! - Melissa Ferguson

Paula is fun, easy to talk to and makes talking about money feel GOOD! I was so inspired...- Candice Thomas

This workshop is incredible! Paula takes a deep dive into our mindset around money & gives you the tools to evaluate & evolve past, old habits. Highly recommend! - Jayme Henderson

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