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The Money School Series is a three-part workshop series open to individuals who have taken my Change Your Money Story Workshop previously. And people who want to learn more about money, how to manage it & are ready to improve their financial situation! Basically, al the stuff we "should" of been taught at school!

1) Setting Effective Money Goals & How to Manage Debt: Tuesday April 27th, 8-9:30 pm

              In this first workshop in the series we'll be chatting about & setting effective goals for our money. We are lucky enough to have, Shannon Ambeau, a life & business coach, talking to us about why goal setting that you are actually excited about is so very important. And Paula will also address some money basics, like building up a cash cushion, paying down debt etc. 

2) Money & Planning Basics: Tuesday May 4th , 8-9:30 pm 

         In our second part of the series, we'll really be getting down to the nitty gritty of money basics such as what does a comprehensive financial plan really look like? What are some rules of thumb when dealing with money? What is a mutual fund & segregated fund? Is any debt good debt? How to & where to invest your money. We'll answer questions like, "What the heck is a TFSA or RRSP?" and "How should I be investing my money into either of them?" We will have Brandon Shaw with us,  a debt insolvency counselor, to give us all of the right information on how we should, or shouldn't, be servicing our debts. 

3) What Your Financial Plan should include: Tuesday May 11th, 8-9:30 pm

In this final workshop in the series, we'll be chatting more about insurance, investments & retirement planning. We'll be mapping out different types of insurance & who they are appropriate for. Different types of investments & who should have what. We will have a guest speaker for this part of the series as well to speak to us about real estate investing & preparation.

4) We Bring all of the pieces of your Financial Plan together: Tuesday May 18th, 8-9:30pm


*You will leave each session with homework to do to set you up for the next session. But more importantly, to set you up with all of the tools for you to be able to put yourself in a better financial position than you were in when you started the series.

Money mindset workshop was fantastic. Thanks so much for making finances less scary, Paula! - Jessy Thomas

Paula is amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge, and super, super down to earth as well! - Melissa Ferguson

Paula is fun, easy to talk to and makes talking about money feel GOOD! I was so inspired...- Candice Thomas

This workshop is incredible! Paula takes a deep dive into our mindset around money & gives you the tools to evaluate & evolve past, old habits. Highly recommend! - Jayme Henderson

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