Peace of Mind
in 4 Easy Steps

Whether you're struggling to increase your income, living from paycheck-to-paycheck, or merely need a better grasp on your financials, our 4-step process makes getting in control of your finances a piece of cake! 

Step 1 Saying 'Hello'

Your journey starts with something as simple as a phone call or an email. Once we've touched base, you'll receive an introduction package that allows you to outline your dreams & goals, and lets us know what is most important to you.

Step 2 Getting to Know Each Other

Once we've poured the coffee (or tea) and said our hello's, we'll get down to explaining the process, and discussing our financial philosophies, expectations, and goals. If you feel like we're a good fit, we'll move forward!

Step 3 Charting Your Journey

We'll work together to implement a complete financial strategy tailor-made for your goals and dreams - whether you're shooting for the stars, or wanting to feel like you own your money & your money doesn’t own you.

Step 4 Living Your Dreams

Once we've created a plan that works for you, we'll work together to monitor, review, and adjust the plan as your life changes. And we’ll also be there to “high-five” you for all of your progress & to encourage you to dream bigger.

What We Offer

We offer a number of financial services to help you meet your financial goals

Insurance Services Investment Services

Can I really afford this?

Yes, you can! When you sit down with us, we’ll assess your financial situation, including your bills, income, investments, insurance, and more. You only pay a premium on any services you purchase through Wilimek Financial.

Money mindset workshop was fantastic. Thanks so much for making finances less scary, Paula! - Jessy Thomas

Paula is amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge, and super, super down to earth as well! - Melissa Ferguson

Paula is fun, easy to talk to and makes talking about money feel GOOD! I was so inspired...- Candice Thomas

This workshop is incredible! Paula takes a deep dive into our mindset around money & gives you the tools to evaluate & evolve past, old habits. Highly recommend! - Jayme Henderson

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Ready to reach your financial goals?

Perfect - because I'm ready to help! Let's setup a time to grab a coffee (or tea!) and find out the best financial path to embark on.


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