Wonderful options to make sure your money is working hard for you.

Registered retirement savings plan (rrsp)

This is one of Canada's premiere investment plans, allowing you hold your savings and investment assets safely and securely until you retire. Best part about an RRSP is that the contributions are tax deductable!

Registered education savings plan (resp)

Post-secondary education can be one of the best times of your child's life, but the financial burden can be overwhelming. An RESP will help you save for your child's education so they can focus on their studies and enjoying college/university.

Tax-Free Savings account (TFSA)

This investment option allows anyone over the age of 18 save up to $6000 per year without taxation, including mutual funds, segregated funds, stocks, bonds, and more.


This is typically used for income when you retire, and is set up when you deposit a lump sum that can be paid out to you on a schedule that best suits you so your money lasts you as long as you need it to.

Money mindset workshop was fantastic. Thanks so much for making finances less scary, Paula! - Jessy Thomas

Paula is amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge, and super, super down to earth as well! - Melissa Ferguson

Paula is fun, easy to talk to and makes talking about money feel GOOD! I was so inspired...- Candice Thomas

This workshop is incredible! Paula takes a deep dive into our mindset around money & gives you the tools to evaluate & evolve past, old habits. Highly recommend! - Jayme Henderson

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